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Where do we meet?

Our meetings are held in lecture room 6 in Taub building, the Technion's Computer Science Faculty building.

The coordinates to the parking next to the building's second floor (recommended) are 32.777587, 35.021012 (+32° 46' 39.31", +35° 1' 15.64"). The building's main entrance (which is usually closed when the meetings end) is at 32.778110, 35.021848 (+32° 46' 41.20", +35° 1' 18.65").

Lecture room 6 is located at the first floor.
If you enter from the main entrance (floor 0), walk to the staircase you see on your right.
Walk up the stairs, and turn right, going about 15 meters "back". On your left, you'll see room 6's door.
If you enter at the second floor, go downstairs and once you leave the stairs area (on floor 1),
go to the left towards the library.
Turn left again towards the main entrance, and turn left after 15 meters.

The building is in the west side of the Technion's campus.
Those who come by a car, you enter the main gate, and then take the lower road,
pass the roundabout and go another 100 meters.
The computer science building would be at your right side, as can be seen in the Technion map.

Please note that due to security issues, unless you have a valid entrance permit to the Technion, you will have to park your car outside the Technion, and walk inside.

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For a Bird's Eye view of the campus click here

To those using public transportation, use routes 11,17,19,31,76,77.

Train Access: get off at Hof Ha'Carmel station, it is next to a major bus station.
a map of the technion

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