[Haifux] MCTIP computer technician course

Oron Peled oron at actcom.co.il
Sun Feb 20 20:08:56 MSK 2011

On Sunday, 20 בFebruary 2011 09:47:49 amichay p. k. wrote:
> I prefer to choose this course, at least now, because it will give me a
> useful profession, and I finish it before the beginning of my military
> service.
> In addition, after the military service I can work as a computer
> technician, and
> to finance my studies in CS

Unless you practice this stuff *during* the army service, it would be
gone by the time you finish army:
 - You'll forget most of it.
 - A lot of the material would be obsolete (we are talking about
   technician level "hands-on" type of knowledge).

So a very focused and expensive training at this stage is investing
a lot of resource with verry little benefit (unless you somehow practise
this knowledge during army service)

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