[Haifux] Wanted: FOSS IT service provider in the north

Amichai Rotman amichai at iglu.org.il
Mon Oct 4 20:33:06 MSD 2010


Does remote support  count?

I work for a company that is situated in Tirat Ha Carmel and provides Help
Desk services, manages Asterisk based PBXs and VDIs (Virtual Desktop
Infrastructure). The users need only a simple local machine to open an RDP
connection to the VDi on our servers.

I would rather talk it over the phone to get a better sense of your needs.

My cell #: 054-3056707

Good Luck!


Amichai Rotman

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On Sun, Oct 3, 2010 at 23:21, Oron Peled <oron at actcom.co.il> wrote:

> Some background,
> We talk about a small startup company located in the north ("Gush Segev"),
> with Linux based products that are being produced and sold for the
> last ~5-6 years.
> The environment includes several Linux desktops for the developers,
> Linux servers, several Windows(TM) desktops/laptops (accounting,
> marketing, etc) and IIRC one standalone Windows server (for ERP).
> Until now, all of this was basically self-maintained. However, we now
> want to contract an external company to handle all the IT related stuff.
> There is no shortage of such service providers and some proposals were
> already being made.
> HOWEVER!!!  We naturally have a very strong preference for integrating
> FOSS IT solutions.
> Highlights:
>  * We talk about a startup not a huge corporate. So scaleability is *not*
>   the name of the game -- KISS.
>  * We need a *service* provider. Any of us Linux guys could have
>    installed and configure various tools/solutions -- but the whole
>    point is to save our time.
>    Therefore, we look for someone to evaluate alternatives, install,
>    configure and provide *maintenance* with defined response
>    times etc.
>  * Note the locality -- Gush Segev.
>  * An important part of the job is to provide IT services for the *Windows*
>   users (again, remember the scale, we talk about *few* such users).
>   Not surprisingly, the linuxers maintain their personal desktops to
>   their liking (Debian/Fedora/Ubuntu/Centos you name it).
>   This means, that as long as you use standard protocols/formats, we'll
>   just configure *our* desktops ourselves.
>  * If your expertise is AD/Exchange server, you need not apply.
>   If we wanted to go this route, we already have enough propsals.
>   We strongly prefer FOSS IT infrastructure that would serve also the
>   Windows users.
>  * If needed, for good integration with the FOSS server environment,
>   FOSS tools/applications may be installed/maintained on the Windows
>   clients as well.
>   Just as an example, if the mail solution will work  better with
>   Thunderbird than Outlook it is perfectly acceptable as long as the
>   provider gives an alternative client for calendaring etc.
>  * Some proven field experience (clients). The idea is to save our time
>   not make us clean up after the mess some rookie left behind.
> Please mail me and I'll forward relevant responses,
> TIA,
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