[Haifux] Orientation Day at the Technion

Orr Dunkelman orr.dunkelman at gmail.com
Sun Oct 10 14:08:14 MSD 2010

Dear all,

The orientation day will take place this Thursday, between
10:00-15:00, where there is a real need between 12:00-15:00.

We need two types of volunteers:
1. Producing the flyers - design something quick and dirty (maybe
based on W2L or such), and then duplicating them.

We have very little time, so if you think you can duplicate 2,000
flyers (or some of them), please let me know how many you can take
care of, and how the ones you have can be taken from you.

If you design one - please keep in mind that it may be wise to have a
flyer which can be used next orientation day, by the GSO, etc.

In other words: plain simple, come to haifux, home of Linux and FOSS
in Haifa, or something like that (if no one will raise their hands by
tomorrow evening, I will be forced to design one such myself using
open office!).

2. Standing in the sun for as long as you can (whenever you can) and
give these flyers away, and talk people into attending haifux

Starting time 11:30. The longer the better. However, even if you
cannot stand there for an hour, even half an hour, 15 minutes, or even
5, would be great.

For volunteers: please try to find in your closet a nice (i.e., still
wearable, no holes, not 10 sizes too large/small) Haifux-related

And unfortunately, we have to do this quickly, so please raise your
hands as fast as you can :)


Orr Dunkelman,
Orr.Dunkelman at gmail.com

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