[Haifux] Wanted: FOSS IT service provider in the north

Oron Peled oron at actcom.co.il
Mon Oct 4 01:21:58 MSD 2010

Some background,

We talk about a small startup company located in the north ("Gush Segev"),
with Linux based products that are being produced and sold for the
last ~5-6 years.

The environment includes several Linux desktops for the developers,
Linux servers, several Windows(TM) desktops/laptops (accounting,
marketing, etc) and IIRC one standalone Windows server (for ERP).

Until now, all of this was basically self-maintained. However, we now
want to contract an external company to handle all the IT related stuff.
There is no shortage of such service providers and some proposals were
already being made.

HOWEVER!!!  We naturally have a very strong preference for integrating
FOSS IT solutions.

 * We talk about a startup not a huge corporate. So scaleability is *not*
   the name of the game -- KISS.

 * We need a *service* provider. Any of us Linux guys could have
    installed and configure various tools/solutions -- but the whole
    point is to save our time.

    Therefore, we look for someone to evaluate alternatives, install,
    configure and provide *maintenance* with defined response
    times etc.

 * Note the locality -- Gush Segev.

 * An important part of the job is to provide IT services for the *Windows*
   users (again, remember the scale, we talk about *few* such users).

   Not surprisingly, the linuxers maintain their personal desktops to
   their liking (Debian/Fedora/Ubuntu/Centos you name it).
   This means, that as long as you use standard protocols/formats, we'll
   just configure *our* desktops ourselves.

 * If your expertise is AD/Exchange server, you need not apply.
   If we wanted to go this route, we already have enough propsals.
   We strongly prefer FOSS IT infrastructure that would serve also the
   Windows users.

 * If needed, for good integration with the FOSS server environment,
   FOSS tools/applications may be installed/maintained on the Windows
   clients as well.

   Just as an example, if the mail solution will work  better with
   Thunderbird than Outlook it is perfectly acceptable as long as the
   provider gives an alternative client for calendaring etc.

 * Some proven field experience (clients). The idea is to save our time
   not make us clean up after the mess some rookie left behind.

Please mail me and I'll forward relevant responses,


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