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Dear Haifuxers,
Recalling the vast amount of discussions regarding critical issues such as
choosing a logo for Haifux (http://haifux.org/logo.html), some of you may be
interested in this talk...

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Time+Place : Tuesday 16/02/2010 14:30 room 337-8 Taub  Bld.
Speaker    : Tal Moran
Affiliation: CRCS, Harvard University
Host       : Erez Petrank
Title      : Cryptography by the People, for the People:
            How Voting and Cryptography Go Hand-in-Hand

Abstract   :
A democratic election is a classic example of a task in which multiple
adversarial parties must collaborate and agree on an outcome.
Traditional election systems (such as the one used in Israel) employ various
means to ensure that the result will be accurate even if some of the people
involved are corrupt or dishonest. However, the final tally is only as
trustworthy as the people who count the votes. Even in the most secure
systems these are usually fairly small committees. If an entire committee
colludes, they can manufacture their own results. Even worse, depending on
the exact setup, it may be feasible to stuff ballot boxes, destroy votes or
perform other manipulations.

Using cryptographic techniques, it is possible to design a fair voting
system whose correct operation can be verified by anyone, while still
retaining ballot secrecy.
This can be done even if the computers used to run the election are

In the talk, I will briefly survey the techniques used to accomplish this
and present in more detail examples with some unique properties, such as a
practical solution for securely tallying Single Transferable Vote elections
(a ranked voting system that is used in Australia, Ireland and Malta, among
others). The talk will contain any necessary cryptographic background.

Based on joint works with Moni Naor and with Josh Benaloh, Lee Naish, Kim
Ramchen and Vanessa Teague.

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