[Haifux] Coputer stores in Haifa with Linux in mind

Michael space3000 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 22:40:30 MSD 2010

Maxim and Eli, thanks for your answers.

Eli, by supported harware, I mean hardware, that will run on resonably
popular distribution (Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE) and on its
reasonably current version. The drivers should either run out of the
box, or I can compile them from source. This is what I mean by
supported. I don't expect support for RedFlag here in Israel for 

Maxim, I meant the first, and you're difintely right, they won't close,
but I'll feel better, knowing, that I gave my money to someone who 
doesn't only care about single OS :).
>Will help you with a specific single question, like "Can you tell me if
a card XXX is supported by Linux OS?"
Yes, but that is only if the vendor specifies Linux in the list of 
supported OSes, which some vendors don't, still the hardware may have
working drivers written by hackers (which the vendor doesn't care 

I guess, I'll have to take my time and build an adequate harware list,
to make sure, that most stuff is supported.

Thanks everyone.

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