[Haifux] Coputer stores in Haifa with Linux in mind

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Sun Aug 22 20:46:27 MSD 2010

The question is what you mean by supporting Linux. Which distribution 
and what version? What kind of hardware support do you expect? A stable 
driver supporting all features, bundled with the distro? Maybe the 
ability to download a driver from somewhere? Or maybe an experimental 
driver, which may or may not be the reason for occasional crashes?

My point is: Given the variety of Linux flavors, it's impossible to 
really support Linux in general. The only thing a serious computer store 
can do, is to build a computer, install a certain Linux distro and 
verify everything is OK. That means having a lot of choices made for you.

So I would suggest to build your own computer with components from known 
brands. Some hardware features may not work at the first go, but if 
you're ready to put up with a mildly crippled computer for a few months, 
upgrading the kernel is very likely to solve it all (give or take 
drivers you must download manually). The condition is sticking to 
widespread hardware.

Good luck,


Michael wrote:

> Doesn anyone know of a computer store in Haifa, that cares about Linux.
> That is, I can ask them to recommend me a Linux-compatible Desktop, and
> the answer won't be "Oh, I'm sorry, but we don't support Linux, we 
> recommend Windows 7", but rather they would attempt to help me build
> a system , where I won't have unsupported piece of hardware (even if I 
> don't use this specific piece of harware, but it's just on-board).
> It's not that I cannot build a Linux compatible computer myself, It's
> rather my laziness and my good intention to support a store, that would 
> not be reluctant to help when they hear the word "Linux".
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