[Haifux] [HAIFUX Workshop] The Web Rant Workshop

Orr Dunkelman orr.dunkelman at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 11:47:42 MSD 2010

Dear all,

Next Monday, 26.4.10, at 18:30 we are going to have a rant workshop
where we will try to contact as many webmasters as possible and try
to convince them to offer a better support for FOSS browsers. Please note
that all you need to join the actual fun is a laptop, and that we
encourage you to join us electronically (if you cannot attend).

To hold this event, we need one or two wireless access points (we shall
offer wireless connection so people could send emails). If you have one
that you can bring (including soft AP), please let me know.

Another thing which we would like to ask for, is a list of sites (and
if you happen to have contact details) that you noticed that there are not
FOSS-friendly. Please send me (privately) the URL, OS, and browser that
you have tried the site with (including FOSS browsers in Windows, just
to prove a point). At the workshop, we shall verify the problem,
and then try to send as many polite emails to the webmaster as we can.


We meet in Taub (CS Faculty) building, room 6. For instructions see:

Attendance is free, and you are all invited!


Future Haifux events include:

07/06/10 The Ben Yehuda Project Software
21/06/10 GarlicSim: An experimental tool for computer simulations
13/09/10 StegFS - the Linux way to hide your files

(The gap between the lectures is intended for YOU to lecture about
something interesting!)


We are always interested in hearing your talks and ideas. If you wish
to give a talk, hold a discussion, or just plan some event haifux
might be interested in, please contact us at webmaster at haifux.org.

Orr Dunkelman,
Orr.Dunkelman at gmail.com

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