[Haifux] save my Linux

zohar shemesh zoharshemesh at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 19:56:10 MSD 2009

my name is Zohar, i'm Shachar Shemesh brother, and he told me about this
group and that you might be able to help me.

i have Ubuntu 7.10 kernel 2.6-22-14 generic installed on my computer, a few
weeks ago (after a long time in which i didn't) i let the auto upgrade do
its job. it downloaded about 1gig and started working. after some time there
were some lines no the screen saying Done and nothing happened for a long
time. after several hours of the same lines on the screen i figured, "well
it might actually be done!" and restarted the computer. that of course was a
mistake but since the system will upload get too the screen where you need
to enter a user name and password but the mouse and the keyboard doesn't
work except for the combination of ctrl+alt+del that still works and restart
the system.

i traied using the recovery mode, the update system, repair broken pakages,
file system check and fixing the Xserver. the system seams to work and
upload but when returning to the regular mode the problem is still very much

so if you think this problem might be solved easily by an explanation via
email or phone i will be very happy to get advices and i promise to tray and
follow them throe thou i must say i am not very skilled with Linux.

if you feel the problem is more serious i would love too know if and when
you host another Linux party and if there is non coming soon i can of course
offer too hose my one party (or at least coffee and cake) at home (i live at
the Technion dorms).

thank fore your time,
i hope i didnt spame your inbox (and if so blame Shachar)
and i opologise for my speling (blame google speller, well... and myshelf)

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