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Tue Jan 27 13:09:49 MSK 2009


I am glad to hear that you find Linux useful and productive. I have an idea
of running a Linux party in the lab, in one of these Wednesday Noon no
teaching time at the Technion. This party will include help in installation
for people who did not install, and free discussion of installation
problems. More information, including dates, will follow.

Regarding your suggestions:

* I asked the lab engineer to install Open Office 3.0. I hope this will
solve some of the problems. I am not sure this will solve the little and
annoying layout differences though.
* The CR/CRLF problem is not the main issue I think. It is not a problem in
Eclipse as far as I know.
* VIM is great. It is difficult to convince people to use it though.

I would be happy if the lab would attract Linux geeks who could help others,
and in return would enjoy the real nice facilities.

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 8:59 AM, Eran Arbel <sabrerunner at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, some time reader, first time writer.
> I'm a second year CS student and had to work with the Linux in the farms
> for a while now and frankly, I love the idea that someone finally forced me
> to use Linux. I think it's a good thing.
> I've already had stuff explained to me and had a chance to explain things
> to others. I already told people that they better get used to using the
> Linux and Unix on the farm machines. Firstly, because they have to;
> Secondly, because it's better; And thirdly, because it's fun.
> Problems of Windows\Linux compatibility with code files I solved with
> Notepad++. I don't know if there's a Linux version or a Linux substitute but
> it's an awesome writer for windows that can display context in many
> languages and can also convert to\from Windows from\to Linux formatting.
> Saved me a lot of trouble.
> The new Open Office version (3 and up) is completely compatible with
> MS-Office 2007 documents and gave me no trouble as much as I've used it,
> making it better than MS-Office if compatibility is the question. It looks
> different but doesn't require that much of a leap to change to. And it's
> freely available to both Windows and Linux users.
> I used vim to program on the Linux and Unix machines but my brother
> recommended Eclipse so I want to try that if anyone is willing to teach me.
> I know of a Linux geek in the CS farm's support team but I think it takes
> more than that. I don't know how the W2L lectures went before but I agree
> that installing Linux, as far as I tried Ubuntu, is pretty straight forward.
> It's all the configuration afterwords that's troublesome. Up until now I
> have failed completely at configuring mine for WiFi and a secondary display
> and those two, along with 'How the hell do I run a Virtual Machine\Box on my
> Linux?' are the major hurdles before I completely switch to Linux. So, any
> info on that will be welcome. (I've tried Ubuntu 8.04 and fiddled with
> Satanic slightly but not much)
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