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Hi, some time reader, first time writer.
I'm a second year CS student and had to work with the Linux in the farms for
a while now and frankly, I love the idea that someone finally forced me to
use Linux. I think it's a good thing.

I've already had stuff explained to me and had a chance to explain things to
others. I already told people that they better get used to using the Linux
and Unix on the farm machines. Firstly, because they have to; Secondly,
because it's better; And thirdly, because it's fun.

Problems of Windows\Linux compatibility with code files I solved with
Notepad++. I don't know if there's a Linux version or a Linux substitute but
it's an awesome writer for windows that can display context in many
languages and can also convert to\from Windows from\to Linux formatting.
Saved me a lot of trouble.

The new Open Office version (3 and up) is completely compatible with
MS-Office 2007 documents and gave me no trouble as much as I've used it,
making it better than MS-Office if compatibility is the question. It looks
different but doesn't require that much of a leap to change to. And it's
freely available to both Windows and Linux users.

I used vim to program on the Linux and Unix machines but my brother
recommended Eclipse so I want to try that if anyone is willing to teach me.

I know of a Linux geek in the CS farm's support team but I think it takes
more than that. I don't know how the W2L lectures went before but I agree
that installing Linux, as far as I tried Ubuntu, is pretty straight forward.
It's all the configuration afterwords that's troublesome. Up until now I
have failed completely at configuring mine for WiFi and a secondary display
and those two, along with 'How the hell do I run a Virtual Machine\Box on my
Linux?' are the major hurdles before I completely switch to Linux. So, any
info on that will be welcome. (I've tried Ubuntu 8.04 and fiddled with
Satanic slightly but not much)

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> Hello again.
> Now we're talking!
> To begin with, I see that students mention problems with transporting
> files to Windows. I suppose that they use Microsoft's compiler, and run
> into problems with the back and forth?
> Which brings me to turn to all Linux evangelists out there: You've maybe
> missed it, but this is the moment you've been all waiting for: Someone
> has forced CS students to use Linux in the labs. They will end up either
> hating it and stick to Windows, or adopt it on their own computers,
> solving most of their annoying problems. And it looks like it's going to
> depend on, well, us.
> There may be a need to make a LiveCD for CS students, which would
> basically be the original Ubuntu disc + utilities for developing if
> necessary. This could allow students to use the same environment at
> home, without installing Linux on their hard disks. As this is an
> recurring process (the disc will need to be upgraded as Ubuntu gets
> upgraded) I can't see how it's done well by volunteers. But once someone
> has done it the first time, I suppose it will be pretty easy to repeat it.
> As for Eclipse: Dear Haifuxers, is any of use using it? Personally, I
> don't like IDEs, and I believe I have a few people with me on this
> mailing list.
> If the policy would be to guide students to work with more down-to-earth
> tools (XEmacs/vim, make, gcc, ddd etc) I suppose we have quite some
> material handy, and I suppose it won't be difficult to find someone to
> speak about these. I believe it's an educational choice, partly because
> the programmer gets a better feel of the tools, as opposed to IDEs which
> generally attempt to hocus-pocus.
> As for MS Office, there's always OpenOffice, which I don't use
> personally. If the real problem is compatibility between MS and
> OpenOffice, it's time to remind everyone that OpenOffice exists for
> Windows as well. Or use the LiveCD solution.
> As for the other issues, I can only ask one question: Do you have one
> Linux geek in the lab's support team? To me it seems like these problems
> require a few hours each to solve, which is peanuts in terms of
> employment, but too much to ask someone to volunteer for.
> Other views?
>   Eli
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