[Haifux] LINUX and SSDL

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Mon Jan 26 20:51:24 MSK 2009


Let's start with the sad fact, that most active Haifuxers are not 
Technion students. In particular, not undergraduate students.

Which brings us to my first question: What is SSDL? What have you been 
running there until now?

My initial response (others -- please speak up if you differ) is that we 
need to figure out what the real need is. We have run Welcome to Linux 
in the past, and installation parties as well, but as time goes by it 
looks more and more like there is no need to explain how to install the 
system, but rather how to tackle it once it's up. The existence of 
LiveCDs makes the whole installation issue much less frightening ("Hey, 
I ran Linux on my computer from a CD and I'm still alive").

Bottom line: In order to help, we need to know what the students need to 
carry out with Linux. What their needs are, and where they get stuck. 
Previous experience in the Technion with deploying Linux in a farm 
(hint, hint) gave me the impression that the students managed well with 
Linux, and so did the technical staff.

I would also suggest having a look on these lectures abstracts, which 
were given in the past:








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