[Haifux] LINUX and SSDL

Yossi Gil yossi.gil at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 17:38:55 MSK 2009

Dear All,

I hear that there is an active Linux community that you run. I would like to
see if we can cooperate in one of the following issues regarding the
installation of Linux Ubuntu in SSDL. In particular, I would like to check
if we
- can help you guys in organixing Linux lectures?
- ditto, for installation parties?
- ditto, for giving you access to our Wiki, on which some of the files you
store in personal accounts can be saved in a more stable location.
- similarly, and help you can provide in educating students would  be
- ditto, in helping us resolve technical problems.

I do not use my Technion email address in this list for two reasons:
- I do not want students to be intimidated by writing directly to a
- I do not mail sent to that account so often, and it has lots of filters
that prevent students from writing to me.


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