[Haifux] The 10th tip?

Dave Roi davidroi at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 16:06:57 MSK 2009

Many people aren't aware of the awesome bar:
Bookmarking a site using the star at the end of the address bar and then
clicking it again to add keywords, even in Hebrew for example
israrail.org.il isn't very intuitive (although it has changed) why not add a
Hebrew keyword "רכבת" and be done with it?

There is a very handy Firefox extension called Foxmarks which automatically
syncs all your Firefox bookmarks and keywords between your home desktop,
your laptop, your CS windows account, your CS  Linux account etc...
Very handy.
Last I check this extension is installed by default in all the windows
machines in the main farm.
The only hurdle thy need to overcome is to open a free account at Foxmarks.

One more thing, The tips don't necessarily need to be advanced, most newbies
don't know about pidgin and it's multi protocol nature.
or know that Linux has a gmail notifier...

As I suggested earlier, I think a basic how to do windows stuff in Linux
page should be hanged near the stations.

I found the old page I made when I worked in the Farm, Hopefully the mailing
list will allow the attachment to go through.

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