[Haifux] W2L + Installation party?

Adir Abraham adir at hamakor.org.il
Wed Sep 17 20:00:20 MSD 2008

On 9/17/08, Orr Dunkelman <orr.dunkelman at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 1:37 PM, Adir Abraham <adir at hamakor.org.il> wrote:
> >
> > That's true, but if we want to make them interact with Linux more
> closely,
> > we need to show them the real option that it is installable, and the best
> > way to show them that is to show a real installation, not just a
> > demonstration of a working distro. Showing a working distro is just a
> matter
> > of showing a working KDE/Gnome for that matter... and your lovable update
> > program.
> The question is whether we should prove this by doing one installation
> in front of their eyes, or actually install it on their computer.

We want to:
1) Show them that it's working with their computer
2) Give them a system that they can use later at home

> The choice of the size of the HD you want to part is the user
> decision. Once (s)he understands that they are asked how much space is
> going to be taken from Windows to Linux, they will be able to figure
> this out on their own (especially as you can tell people once how to
> choose the size). I do not think in any installation I've seen (or
> done) we optimized the size (it was more like "We recommend at least
> XXXX GBs, and you have XXX+1000 spare GBs in windows. I suggest
> XXXX+100. You say yes? good", where each of us just picked a random
> number between 1000 and 0 as the extra space).

What I meant is that we won't let them work on the partitions by themselves,
but we'll do it for them.

> > The feeling is more personal when it's done in your computer. Needless to
> > say that it's faster (unless you put the whole CD in the main memory,
> > ofcourse).
> Of course, but if it is just for playing, you won't install. And once
> you wish to commit - you'll install.

"Playing" in the general term... Once you commit to install, you will use it
because it's in your computer. That's why actually people brought their
computers all the time...

> I think we can speak in numbers.
> Each year there are way more Linux users in Haifa area than people
> attending the insta-party. Every year there are less installees
> (according to what I've heard two years ago there were less than 10
> installations, the year before there were less than 10, the year
> before less than 15, and the year before - less than 20). It becomes
> so easy or so unwanted...

I think that it was not organized well last times. I even explained it a few
times. The low numbers are the reason for the bad organization, and lessons
were taken. It still is a matter of willing to help, and not talking in
numbers. The people will arrive if it is properly arranged. The installation
can be part of a Linux Day, so more people will arrive. The instaparty must
be linked somehow to a series of lectures for begineers, either as part of a
Welcome to Linux day or as a separate day just for installations and
relevant lectures, as it used to be.


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