[Haifux] Successful Windows Vista refund!!

Shachar Shemesh sun at hamakor.org.il
Fri Dec 5 14:21:51 MSK 2008

Dan Shimshoni wrote:
> Zvi,
>   - You are our Open Source hero of the week (or maybe of the year,
> or maybe decade!).
Personally, I think the importance of windows refund reach far beyond 
the scope of "using Linux without paying the Microsoft tax". I wrote 
about it in my blog (http://blog.shemesh.biz/?p=568), but the gist of it 
is this:
The entire validity of a EULA hangs on the article in it Zvi used - 
without it, there is no informed consent to the EULA and the entire 
agreement is null and void. This means that them resisting the refund is 
actually a good thing. What you need to sue them for is for not letting 
you move your copy of vista to a new computer, and use their refusal to 
give refunds as the proof that you did not accept the agreement, and are 
therefor not bound by it.


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