[Haifux] New "Welcome to Linux" Series

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 19:08:19 MSD 2008

2008/8/15 Shlomi Fish <shlomif at iglu.org.il>:
> What we did is organise a series of presentations introducing Linux to
> beginners. Like:

I will take a look at the material that you currently have.

> * Intro to Linux - what is it all about.
> * The Linux Installation Process.
> * Linux for the Student.

Until the universities stop sending mail in .doc format and requiring
certain Windows-only software (Turbo C with not GCC compatible code,
Solidworks, etc.) then students will have a very difficult time moving
to Linux. Engineers, also, for that matter (because of Solidworks).

> * Development under Linux. (We focused about C development which is what
> Technion and TAU students need to know).
> * Surviving in the FOSS Community / How to get help.
> * Basic Unix Administration.
> Etc.
> There also used to be a Linux installation party / Linux day at certain
> points, where people brought their computers and other people helped them
> install Linux.

This has always seemed a failure, at least in my opinion. Better that
we go to the user's house / dorm and do the install there. The whole
"should I move to Linux" question should be one-on-one. Note that not
_everyone_ is in a position where they should move to Linux yet.

> You can find last year's Telux schedule and slides here:
> http://welcome.linux.org.il/2007/timetable.html
> This year we're planning to move the "Linux Installation Process" lecture
> right after the first Mini-Intro presentation, but otherwise everything will
> remain the same.

I will go through the material after September 9, which is my last
Moed A exam. I will add what I can. Also, if anyone in the Haifa area
needs a new Linux install and some first-use experience, then mail me!
I already have one waiting for me for after exams, and I have done
quite a few before. I usually install Kubuntu, but I am willing to
work with any distro the user wants (the one in September specifically
wants SUSE).

Dotan Cohen


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