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Haifa Linux Club - Lectures Given by Ohad Lutzky

Lecture Number Subject Lecturer Date Comments or Links
129 LIRC - Linux Infrared Remote Control Alon Altman and Ohad Lutzky 18/7/2005 Creative 
Commons License
These lecture slides are licensed under a Creative Commons License.
138 WiFi (802.11) in GNU/Linux Ohad Lutzky 9/1/2006  
142 SiL The VIM Editor for Beginners Ohad Lutzky 20/3/2006  
147 FatNS - How to Develop a DNS Forensics Tool Boaz Goldstein and Ohad Lutzky 5/6/2006  
152 SiL Linux for CS Students (A primer) Ohad Lutzky 20/11/2006  
153 SiL-1 Linux for CS Students - Debugging Ohad Lutzky 11/12/2006  
162 SiL Linux for CS Students (A primer) Ohad Lutzky 28/3/2007  
176 Programming Epiphany Plugins with Python and PyGTK Ohad Lutzky 19/11/2007  
179 SiL A primer to Linux/Debugging in Linux for CS students Ohad Lutzky 24/12/2007  
182 Git isn't a VCS Ohad Lutzky 4/2/2008  
191 SiL Linux for CS Students (A primer) Ohad Lutzky 7/7/2008  
196 The Ruby programming language Ohad Lutzky 15/9/2008

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