Haifa linux club:PHP lecture
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Slide 1:PHP - Haifa Linux club
Slide 2:PHP - history
Slide 3:PHP vs ASP
Slide 4:...PHP vs ASP
Slide 5:installing PHP - Apache DSO
Slide 6:installing PHP - Apache Module
Slide 7:PHP syntax: C+Perl = PHP
Slide 8:Hello, PHP !
Slide 9:/*PHP Comments*/
Slide 10:PHP $Variables
Slide 11:...PHP $Variables
Slide 12:Operators
Slide 13:Assignment Operators
Slide 14:Comparison Operators
Slide 15:Logical Operators
Slide 16:Control Structures
Slide 17:While loops
Slide 18:For loops
Slide 19:foreach loops
Slide 20:switch
Slide 21:include
Slide 22:Predefined variables
Slide 23:functions
Slide 24:variables functions
Slide 25:string functions
Slide 26:array functions
Slide 27:Object oriented
Slide 28:HTML Forms
Slide 29:"All in one" Form
Slide 30:opening MySQL DataBase
Slide 31:MySQL example : guest book
Slide 32:MySQL example : guest book - the form
Slide 33:MySQL example : guest book - insert
Slide 34:GD - creating / manipulating images
Slide 35:GD example : drawing graphs
Slide 36:Security notes
Slide 37:Links
Slide 38:Hebrew articles

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