Haifa linux club:PHP lecture
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...PHP vs ASP

php:-) Closer to Java/C++/Perl Style of Programming
asp:-| VBscript ?

php:-) No Show Stopper Bugs
asp:-( just surf to any asp based portal and see what i'm talking about

php:-) Cross Platform Migration Strategy.
asp:-( Chilisoft ASP ? (cost lots of $$$s)

php:-| no application variables ... but what is that anyway ? server's database ?
asp:-) application variables

php:-| HTTP GET and POST variables are automatically created as global variables (security??)
asp:-| i have to "Request." my HTTP GET and POST variables??

php:-( if your php script is not working , you can blame no one but yourself
asp:-) You can blame Micro$oft, iis , asp and so on...

php:-( you don't have time for a coffie break because your computer never crashes
asp:-) you have a lot of coffie breaks ...