[Haifux] offer to give a lecture in August on Hebrew vowels (nikud) and Linux/LaTeX

Zvi Gilboa zg7s at eservices.virginia.edu
Sun Jul 29 20:27:32 MSD 2012


In the past year I have been working a lot on LaTeX Hebrew support, and 
am currently completing a package that provides native support -- 
including "nikud" -- for the Culmus fonts under either LaTeX or 
PdfLaTeX.  Note that at the present, users who need nikud must either 
use some semi-old, Type-3-based support packages (mostly culmus-latex) 
that are available on SourceForge (but not on CTAN), or alternatively 
switch to XeLaTeX, which entails both advantages and disadvantages.
/I will be in Israel from August 5 to August 22, and will be glad to 
give a lecture on both the technical and cultural aspects of using Nikud 
under Linux and LaTeX.  If interested, please contact me via email at 
the above address.

Have a great week, and I'll look forward to hearing from you!


Zvi Gilboa

Modern Hebrew Language Coordinator
Director, Hebrew Summer Language Institute
University of Virginia

New Cabell Hall 554
Email: zg7s at virginia.edu <mailto:zg7s at virginia.edu>
Phone:  (434) 924-1322

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