[Haifux] Open source in the Holy Land

Elad Ben-Israel elad.benisrael at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 13:10:39 MSD 2012


My name is Elad. I am co-organizing a meetup at thejunction.co.il themed
around open source in Israel. The goal is to expose people in the startup
community to the open source philosophy and culture through projects lead
in Israel.

We are looking for people who are contributing or leading open source
projects in Israel to give a talk or participate in a panel.

If you have an idea for a talk that you think might be interesting for the
startup community or willing to join in to a panel, please contact me. We
can also meet and think of ideas for talks together. It would be nice to
get to know anyone doing open source in Israel.

Elad Ben Israel
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