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Hello everyone,

IBM is looking for a developer with (mad) kernel skills for the TSM &
FastBack team. CVs should be sent to Eran Raichstein, `eranra' at il
dot ibm dot com.

Location: Haifa (flexible)


The employee will function as part of a team that develops Data
Protection & Recovery solution. As part of her/his role s/he will be
expected to handle areas of the product which are kernel related, as
well as customers problems related to Kernel .

- At least five years of experience in C, C++ on Windows and Linux

- Strong experience with WDM Kernel Driver and Linux Kernel module

- Deep and proven experience in windows environments, programming
 languages etc ...

- Experience developing at the system level e.g. OS internals, multi
 threading, sockets, etc.

- Knowledge of the storage stacks, communication, multi threading and
 object synchronization.

- Proven experience in technical leadership & design of complex

- Proven experience of working with customers

- Candidates should have excellent interpersonal skills, ability to
 work as part of a global team, ability to work in multi-task
 environment and good problem solving skills.

Bachelor's Degree
English: Fluent
Hebrew: Fluent


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