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Hi Yakoub,

On Tue, 20 Sep 2011 21:04:50 +0300
yakoub abaya <yakoub.abaya at gmail.com> wrote:

> given open source is about freedom of technology , i would like to discuss
> our era's biggest usurpers of technology : the cellular companies .
> don't you find it outrages how those companies control the market ?

How do you feel they “usurp” technology and “control the market”?

> i currently don't have a cell phone - although i can fully afford it -
> simply because i am disgusted of the monopoly those companies have .

Well, if there is more than one company in play, then it's no longer a
monopoly. It could be an http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oligopoly , where the
suppliers cooperate between them to the detriment of the consumers.

> and i believe that as FSF once campaigned against the monopoly of microsoft
> and broke it, so should a campaign be waged for
> freedom of cellular technology .

FSF's activity predates the explosion of the desktop computing market, which
came before the time that Microsoft got a monopoly on desktop software. The
underlying issues of the quest for free and open-source software are more
substantial than just fighting a software monopoly.


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