[Haifux] [GPGPU Course]: openCL software requirements

Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda ladypine at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 08:18:51 MSK 2011

Dear GPGPU-interested,

Here follow installation instructions from Ofer. The installed software
will be used on lessons 3 and 4, so you have a chance to try installing it
and contact Ofer during the next meeting if you have any problem.
The instructions are suitable for machines with the hardware specifications
(Intel or AMD CPU, better if you have an AMD GPU). To take full advantage
of other GPUs (e.g., Nvidia) you will need Nvidia's implementation, which
will not be addressed in class.

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From: Rosenberg, Ofer <Ofer.Rosenberg at amd.com>
Date: Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 10:57 AM
Subject: RE: openCL software requirements

Our samples are built with makefiles. Eclipse is for convenience only – as
the host source file and cl files are separated.

Next session is without hands-on – it will be an OpenCL overview only (with
the new 1.2 features).

** **


I did it step by step to verify that it works. It is tested on OpenSuSe 12.1

Required Installs:****

** **

Go to Eclipse downloads site: www.eclipse.org/downloads****

Choose Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers (includes Incubating components) -
32bit or 64bit****

** **

Installing AMD Catalyst (for people who got AMD GPUs only):****


Installation explanations for catalyst can be found here:

For example, installing on SUSE/OpenSUSE:

** **

Installing AMD APP SDK (OpenCL, required for all):
http://developer.amd.com/sdks/AMDAPPSDK/downloads/Pages/default.aspx ****

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