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This talk may interest many of you. *Today* at 11:30. Sorry for the
short notice.


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Speaker:  Prof. Dror Feitelson
 Title:    Observations on Linux Development
Affil.:   Hebrew University, CS
Time:     *Today*, 16/11/11, *11:30* *
* * Location: *Meyer 861*
Abstract: Below

Linux is used extensively in systems research as a platform for the
implementation of new ideas, exploiting its open-source nature. But Linux
is also interesting as an object of study about software engineering. In
particular, Linux defies common management theories, as it lacks any
coherent plan or management structure, but still grows at an
ever-increasing rate, while also gaining market share. We will review some
previous studies of Linux development and add new observations regarding
the lifecycle model and code complexity.

The presentation includes results of my students Ayelet Israeli, Ahmad
Jbara, and Adam Matan.

*bio:* Dror Feitelson has been on the faculty of the School of Computer
Science and Engineering at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem since 1995.
His major contributions have been in parallel job scheduling (where he
co-founded the JSSPP series of workshops) and workload modeling (where he
maintains the parallel workloads archive). Recently he has also started to
work on software engineering, and in particular the development of
open-source systems like Linux.


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