[Haifux] Job Offer: AMD

Nadav Har'El nyh at math.technion.ac.il
Sun Jun 26 15:32:07 MSD 2011

On Fri, Jun 24, 2011, Shlomi Fish wrote about "Re: [Haifux] Job Offer: AMD":
> They are looking for "great" programmers/engineers with a B.Sc. with an average
> of 85% and above. I graduated from the Technion in Electrical Engineering with
> an average a bit short of that so I'm under-qualified. Lately, I've noticed that
> many companies in the jobs leaflet of the Technion started filtering their
> candidates based on their average, and it's a bit sickening.

First of all, what would you rather have them filter by - your name? Your
age? Your religion? The GPA is one of the least "sickening" number to sort
your candidates by...

I agree that if they just picked the candidate with the highest GPA with no
other criteria, it would be a bit strange, but they *do* have a detailed
"experience required" section and I assume they also use that to filter the
candidates, so what's wrong with that process?
Of course, if they filter too much, they are risking not finding any
candidates, but I guess that's their problem. I assume their filtering isn't
as strict as they say ("only qualified candidates will be considered"), or
indeed most of the good people I know wouldn't even be considered.

> Oh well, with an attitude like that, I have some doubts about it being a
> good workplace to work for. So fuck AMD.

I think this statement is a bit harsh and unwarranted, Shlomi.

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