[Haifux] Kernel for Fedora: Repository or vanilla?

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Sun Sep 19 15:12:26 MSD 2010


As some of you may recall, I took the unbelievable step of upgrading to 
Fedora 12 a few months ago, and since then I've been adapting myself to 
the concept of yum keeping track of the software on my computer and not 
myself untarring-compiling-make install. Which is fine so far.

But now it comes to kernel. My view is still that you're not a man 
unless you're running a kernel you've compiled yourself. Besides, there 
are some sporadic crashes, which seem to be related to the Radeon 
graphics card. And the old saying when that happens is: Upgrade your kernel.

I checked what happens down in /usr/src/kernels just to find out, that 
there are three kernels installed, all of which are 2.6.32-XX-XXX. So 
obviously there *are* updates to the kernel made by yum, but somehow 
without changing the kernel version.

So what do you say? Should I download, compile and install the latest 
vanilla kernel, or should I rely on what I get from the repository? It's 
not like there is any problem compiling modules on the existing kernel, 
so it all boils down to whether the updated vanilla kernel is better 
than what yum updates me with.



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