[Haifux] Where were the organizers?

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Tue May 11 05:45:46 MSD 2010


Since I've been seen presenting the speaker in some talks, and sometimes 
even made sure the projector is available (even though I don't have the 
key myself), and I sometimes announce lectures, I suppose some people 
will consider myself as an organizer. But the truth is, that Haifux has 
been running for quote a few years without appointing anyone to 
"organize" the event. Exactly as in the free software world, the slots 
have been filled by whoever was there to fill them.

I'm sorry to hear about today's mishap. It's a truly rare event, and it 
looks like the shortcircuit lies somewhere between myself and Orna. 
Personally, I had other things on my mind, and I actually wasn't aware 
that anything was planned for today. One lesson to learn is that a 
lecture announced on the same day is a bad omen.

A second bad omen is when you're going to give a lecture, and you have 
no phone number whatsoever to call in case something goes wrong (stuck 
on the road, for example). It's actually true for any kind of 
appointment one makes.

Please keep in mind that the only dedicated staff in any lecture, is the 
speaker himself (or herself). Arriving at a lecture expecting that 
everything has been fixed by just somebody is a bit of a gambling. It 
works almost always, but this time, it just didn't. And allow me to say, 
as someone who has delivered professional courses, that the same rule 
applies in the "real world".

Having said all this, I'd still like to apologize for the inconvenience. 
The few of us involved will make sure this will not happen again.


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