[Haifux] QEMU/KVM vs. VMWare: The beauty and the beast

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Tue Jan 12 19:44:47 MSK 2010

Zaar Hai wrote:

> RedHat recently released Spice drivers. May be this will help?
> http://www.linux-kvm.com/content/rhev-spice-guest-drivers-released-windows
I tried it out. Their version of QEMU is much better in terms of 
responsiveness, even without the paravirtualization drivers. 
Unfortunately, when I installed their Windows graphics drivers on my 
Windows 2000 image, I got a suspicious error message about some entry 
not found is some DLL, which all in all ended in a pretty blue screen 
when I rebooted.

As far as I understand, the Spice project deals with the graphics, which 
leaves the USB issue still to be solved. But all in all it's a good 
reminder of why I really don't want to trash QEMU/KVM. Looks like it 
won't be long before this couple makes it to the top.

And if someone tries it, by the way, keep in mind that the mouse is 
released with Shift+F12. Sounds like useless trivia until you can't get 
your mouse free.


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