[Haifux] [W2L] Call for lecturer + "Linux guru"

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Thu Oct 15 02:14:49 MSD 2009

ׁHi Eli!

Sending only to the Haifux mailing list. Maybe I'll forward it to 
w2l at projects.hamakor.org.il later on.

On Wednesday 14 Oct 2009 15:00:55 Eli Billauer wrote:
> Hello,
> We are in the midst of the preparations for the next W2L. As it turns
> out, there's a need for a few of you to occupy the following functions.
> If you feel like doing any (or both), please email me *privately* (I see
> no point in making a thread of this).
> 1. The "FOSS Philosophy" lecture on 2/11/2009 (both the lecture's name
> and date are negotiable). Orna will not be able to deliver it, and we
> would like to have one fairly down-to-earth talk about the ideology and
> methodology behind FOSS. In case I didn't make this clear: This is a
> once-in-life opportunity to preach before a herd of misguided souls...
> 2. We need "Linux gurus": People to offer help and advice during the
> "Configuration Party" on 3/11/2009. We expect people with partially
> installed machines to show up asking to get their computers fully
> configured. I wouldn't rule out from-scratch installations as well. The
> location is the SSDL lab with spare hardware handy (monitors, mice,
> keyboards etc), so the conditions are ideal.

Sounds good. Thanks for the initiative!

Would you like to cooperate with Telux/TelFOSS on the Welcome-to-FOSS 
initiative? http://welcome.foss.org.il/2009/ . I've already updated the front 
page and plan to revamp more soon. I should note that I have no problem with 
Haifux focusing on "Welcome-to-Linux" instead of the more general "Welcome-to-
FOSS", but all the participating Israeli clubs should probably have a unified 
site there.

If you feel like discussing the series in its global aspect, please subscribe 
to http://hamakor.org.il/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/w2l .

I may attend the configuration party and stuff, given that someone can give me 
a ride from Tel Aviv, and that I will feel calm enough at that day. 


	Shlomi Fish

> Please contact me directly if you're ready to participate.
> Thanks in advance.
>     Eli

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