[Haifux] FOSS/Proprietary Debate

Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda ladypine at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 16:54:12 MSK 2009

Hi all,

Clarification - to function as a Haifux member, one needs the following

1. Self definition (be willing to state you are a Haifux member, it does not
matter where you live, if you are willing to travel, as all preparations
will be in Haifa).

2. Be familiar with the topic - the major contribution of the debate club
members is knowing how to debate. The major contribution of the Haifux
member is to know what (s)he is talking about, regarding FOSS vs.
propriatary. Of course familiarity with both fields is an advantage.

We have 3 _tentative_ volunteers so far, all with debate+FOSS background,
though they may be geographically challenged. :)
To make sure we have enough speakers on the day of the event, I hope there
are at least two more volunteers.


2009/11/14 Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda <ladypine at gmail.com>

> Hello all, and especially the avid argumentative people,
> The Technion debate club has offered to organize a show-debate on the
> subject of FOSS vs. proprietary software. They can try and ask well-known
> people on the industry to represent the proprietary side, if we take the
> FOSS side.
> A debate is a formal argument, with judges who decide who won. Each team
> has 3 speakers, each speaker gets 7 minutes. Since probably neither side is
> familiar with the rules nor the techniques of debating, people from the
> Technion debate club and from the HaifaU debate club are willing to
> assist/take part in the debate.
> My hope is that, no matter who "wins" in the debate, such a show-debate
> will increase awareness to FOSS in general and to Haifux specifically, and
> also trigger a live and healthy discussion on the debated matter.
> So what is there to do?
> 1. At this point we need volunteers to take part in the debate on the FOSS
> side.
> 2. Unless  the debate club gets a personality to take part in the debate
> from the proprietary side, one volunteer will be needed to take that side.
> In that case,  each team will be composed of one Haifux member, one Technion
> debater, and one HaifaU debater
> 3.As usual, your opinion is welcome.
> Orna.
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