[Haifux] [HELP HELP] Uses of Linux in the "real world"

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Sun Nov 1 13:00:52 MSK 2009

Hello again.

Thanks to those who gave me valuable examples. Some of those definitely 
go on board.

My (lightning) lecture, as planned, is going to give the practical 
perspective on why Linux should interest students here and now. I leave 
the ideological part to Monday. There are millions of things I'd like to 
talk about, but I try to keep it 20 minutes in the planning (knowing it 
is likely to get slightly longer).

I'll focus on two points: One is to show that they are likely to 
encounter Linux in their professional lives. The second is to explain 
why bother learning tools which are not appealing at first glance (such 
as vi, emacs, gcc, make), and why those Windows-lookalike things on 
Linux are nice to have at best, but not the thing to look at.

To me, these are the two most important points. I hope some of you agree 
with me. If you don't, you're most welcome to give it a try on the next 
W2L event.

Thanks again,

Web: http://www.billauer.co.il

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