[Haifux] Linux VPN Connection to the Technion

yakoub abaya yakoub.abaya at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 11:27:57 MSK 2009

i never connected to technion using VPN , i did it for my isp barak-013
if you could send me identification or a link about the post you saw
that would be helpful
i also didn't use any gui for making the connection .
but i would be glad to offer any help i can .

for making the connection you first need to verify the infrastructure
, mine was hot cable modem and my nic got connected to it via dhcp ,
'ifconfig' and 'route' should show eth0 up with an ip

vpn is done by pppd and pptp software which require kernel support for
ppp , usually if you are not compiling a custom kernel and using
kernel provided by your distribution then you don't need to worry
about kernel support .

what pppd does is to dial to isp ( pptp | l2tp ) server and provide
authentication , so the parameters are 1) isp server ip 2) username +
password .
after pppd establishes authentication it brings the vpn tunnel up
which is a tunnel between your pc and the isp and in order to make
that tunnel it needs the pptp software .
pptp can be installed easily from source package and can also be
provided via your distribution .
the configuration files reside in /etc/ppp , the way i configure it is
to put my username and password in pap-sercrets and create peer/013vpn
which describe for pppd how to bring the vpn tunnel up an that is by
calling pptp , when i get back home i can send you these files to see
the syntax .

after pppd finishes and the tunnel is up , you need to use the 'route'
command to make
your kernel route your network connection via the vpn tunnel ( i don't
understand this part well ) before pppd's work your connection is
routed to your dhcp server ( hot/bezeq .. ) and you need to replace
that with a line for the remote address of the vpn tunnel
i use /etc/ppp/peers/013vpn inorder to ask pppd to use a log file
which shows the remote ip of the tunnel , but there must be a better
way to do that .

you also need to make sure that /etc/resolve.conf has the dns
nameserver of your vpn tunnel , i also user .../013vpn to tell pppd to
create that file and update /etc/resolve.conf

On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 9:29 AM, Amichai Rotman <amichai at iglu.org.il> wrote:
> Hi Yakoub,
> I saw a post by you from a while back to the Haifux mailing list regarding
> the settings needed to connect to the Technion's network via VPN under
> Linux.
> I am helping out to the SSDL, and I would like to put together a guide, How
> To, to be posted to the Lab's Wiki or even the Technion's VPN portal.
> I don't mind doing the writing, but I need your help (since it seems you
> were able to connect to the Technion via VPN under Linux) with the
> specifics. The Lab uses Ubuntu Hardy (8.04.2) LTS, but I guess we should
> have a guide for both KDE and Gnome.
> Can you help?
> Thanks!
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