[Haifux] Missing UDP statistics in recent distributions (RcvbufErrors, SndbufErrors)

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Wed Jul 29 00:45:23 MSD 2009


We won't discuss the pieces of software running on my own computers. 
Only say that from where I stand, there is an afterlife. ;)

I brought up the archaeological issue, when I was surprised to know, 
that old kernels didn't tell their computer's owner how many packets 
(UDP packets in our case) it has dropped, just because the queues in the 
kernel were overfilled. It's so straightforward to implement, and it 
answers an question (is my hardware taking the load?).

But as they say today, חפרנו מספיק.


Oron Peled wrote:

> Fedora 9 is already end-of-life, there isn't any need to check
> any previous releases unless archeology is your hobby.
> Yes, I know there are people and even companies that still uses them --
> However, not caring about (security) updates is a big mistake that
> cost not only them, but the rest of us (no, we don't want Linux
> zombie networks, we already have enough Win* ones).

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