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Sun Jul 12 23:55:11 MSD 2009

 On Monday, July 13th at 18:30, Haifux will gather to hear    Yoni Rabkin
talk about Google's Android: An Overview

This lecture is an overview of developing applications for Google's Android.
We start by introducing Android and its components, we look at the anatomy
of an Android application, we show the basic components of Android
application development including UI design and finally we say some things
about the development environment. No prior knowledge of the Android system
is required.
The slides are already online at
http://haifux.org/lectures/216/android-an-overview.pdf .

We meet in Taub building, room 6. For instructions see:

Attendance is free, and you are all invited!

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We are always interested in hearing your talks and ideas. If you wish to
give a talk, hold a discussion, or just plan some event haifux might be
interested in, please contact us at webmaster at haifux.org
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