[Haifux] Party????

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 23:00:19 MSK 2009

I see that I am a bit late.

I would like to help with the 'party' as well. I have done Linux
installs for about 20 people, even some at the Technion, and of course
I am the 'go to' person afterwards. So I am familiar with many of the
issues new Linux users face, especially Hebrew- and Israeli- related

However, I see two problems with the date of the party:
1) The Technion will be in exams at the time planned. I suggest that
the party wait until April, when people will have less on their heads.
2) Kubuntu 9.04 is being released in April with KDE 4.2. I have four
people that I have told them that I will only change their WIndows XP
Cracked Edition computers to Linux when that release is made. KDE is
much more comfortable that Gnome for Windows converts, and KDE 4.2 is
95% of what KDE 3.5.x was, plus a whole lot more. However, the KDE 4.1
in the current Kubuntu release is _not_ meant for end users (and it
shows) and moving someone to the all-but-abandoned KDE 3.x branch is
not good at this point.

I say that we wait three months, and can therefore deliver a better
product at a more comfortable time.

Dotan Cohen



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