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Yossi Gil yossi.gil at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 19:50:14 MSK 2009

> As for the other issues, I can only ask one question: Do you have one Linux
> geek in the lab's support team? To me it seems like these problems require a
> few hours each to solve, which is peanuts in terms of employment, but too
> much to ask someone to volunteer for...

The situation is as follows: we do not have a Linux geek in the support team
-- which included only one engineer. He can do lots, but he is only a
beginner with Linux. We hired Zafrir Rehan to help in the initial
installation and I guess we could pay some more for specialized projects.
The CD/Disk on Key is one such possible project. We cannot pay much since
this is the Technion and we usually can pay just a little over student
hourly rate, but it is more than volutneering. So, if Eli, or anyone else
picks the glove, that would be great.

With regard to the parties. I think it is a good idea to have a gatherving
event. I would not have picked the name "party" myself, but since it was
used in the past, why not redo it.

Does Wednesday 12:30-14:30 fit your schedules? It would be real nice if we
could have a Linux event every two weeks or so that time in the lab, and
this particular time slot woudl assure nice attendance.

Tentively I set Feb 18th for the first such event.

This is what I have in mind.

- Get together, meet, mingle and have fun.
- Pizzas/Soft drinks...
- Help participants install Linux.
-  Help participants with Linux issues.
- Discuss the DOK/Live CD ideas.
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