[Haifux] Linux Installation Party

Adir Abraham adir at hamakor.org.il
Tue Jan 27 16:55:32 MSK 2009

Hi all,

>From time to time I hear voices at the campus, asking me when the next Linux
party will be. I usually tell them that we simply have no volunteers, but
this time it's different: SSDL and Prof. Yossi Gil will be glad to host the
next Instaparty here in the Technion. The day will combine lectures for
beginners, as well as Linux installations and troubleshooting, both for
beginners and for advanced users. This day's purpose is to help both
students and non-students know Linux better, get them familiar with Linux
useabilities and show them how Linux is "as easy to use as" Windows. We will
also have a special section for students and important development tools in
Linux, and we will use the Wiki of SSDL to give better help.

The Linux Distribution which will be installed, is either Ubuntu and/or
Fedora 10.

At the moment, the suggested date is 18.2, during Wednesday noon and beyond.
However, if you need more time, and if Yossi find it convenient, it will
probably be more producive if it we do this after Moed A exams (sometime in
March) , when more students can appear, more hands can help and the rumor
will spread better. In addition to that, if you have an idea for a lecture,
please let me know and we will find a suitable room for it.

Any hands who want to help in this very important mission, please join me
and we will combine a working group for the issue. This is in addition to a
few more people who suggested or asked for such events in the past, and
wanted to organize such a thing again. Those who think that it's not
important enough - simply don't be there. Linux Installation Party and
Welcome to Linux events will be here this way or another.

I thank Prof. Yossi Gil, Shahar Dag and SSDL for the great help that they

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