[Haifux] "Windows-Free" laptops in Haifa

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Sun Feb 8 20:27:39 MSK 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:

> The hole here is that he is not expected to read the Windows EULA
> until it is explicitly presented to him at first boot. He could _then_
> decide to reject the license and contact Dell. It also says,
> explicitly in the license, that the end user has the right to deny the
> license and request a refund of the _software_.
As far as I've seen, it tells the user to check the policy for refund. 
It can very well be to cancel the whole deal, for a refund of the whole 
sum. And the software can also be considered a present. I mean, suppose 
that you go to the supermarket, and you get an extra piece of something 
because you bought for X shekels. Do you think you'll have a chance to 
get a refund for that?

And if you bought a travel package, and then found out something was 
wrong about it, wouldn't the best expectation be to simply cancel the 
deal, all money back?

The thing you're missing here, is that when you buy a laptop, you're 
aware that there it comes with Windows. The only thing you can complain 
about, is that you were forced to agree to something you don't agree 
with. The only sensible solution in this case, in normal business terms, 
is to cancel the deal. Completely.

I'm glad that Zvi Devir made some noise, because it got the message 
through, that a computer can run something else than Windows. But as far 
as I'm concerned, that's all there is to it.


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