[Haifux] "Windows-Free" laptops in Haifa

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 20:10:24 MSK 2009

> If they're not doing so voluntarily, yes. A computer vendor, like any
> vendor, has a group of people which should have a synchronized view of
> what they are selling and supporting. The more complicated the picture
> gets, the more flavors the products have, the more resources they need
> to maintain that. It sounds simple when you look at your own single
> request, but it becomes a mess when you hear all crazy things people are
> asking for. So I understand why they say no.
> They have the right to bundle Windows as they see fit, and we have the
> right to buy what we want. Since Linux users are a drop in the sea
> (someone said 0.5%?) asking for a non-Windows computer is in almost all
> cases equal to "I'll install some cracked Windows I have".
> As for getting a refund, I'm really not sure that will work in a larger
> scale. It worked once, basically because Dell's main concern was to
> finish the story with as little noise as possible (that didn't work...).
> But let's face it: If you buy a travel package including hotel and
> flight, you can't get a refund for the hotel, and surely not for the
> price the hotel alone would cost you (unless the hotel doesn't meet its
> promises). And everyone knows you can get an hotel and a flight
> separately. And yes, there are some hotels which you can get a bed in
> only through a package deal.
> The laptop and the OS are bundled as a package deal, and you know it
> when you buy the laptop. Before the installation, your asked to "contact
> the manufacturer or installer to determine their return policy for a
> refund or credit" unless you approve with the license agreement. Their
> refund policy can be 0 NIS as well. Exactly as you won't get a refund if
> you choose not to sleep in the hotel, which you got bundled with the flight.
> To summarize my view: If there will be a demand for Linux or non-OS
> laptops, don't worry. Someone will supply it. But as long as this is
> something very few request, it's in a line with "I want a laptop
> manufactured in Dolphin-friendly countries" or something like that. Yet
> another annoying customer.

The hole here is that he is not expected to read the Windows EULA
until it is explicitly presented to him at first boot. He could _then_
decide to reject the license and contact Dell. It also says,
explicitly in the license, that the end user has the right to deny the
license and request a refund of the _software_.

Dell may decide that they would rather cancel the entire transaction
than refund just the software. Let them decide that.

Dotan Cohen



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