[Haifux] The 10th tip?

Yossi Gil yossi.gil at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 11:28:07 MSK 2009

> It's hard enough for them to start using a completely different operating
> system they have never heard of before after spending their entire life with
> windows.
> I don't think they need to be pushed into even deeper water right away.
> Why not make an "Advanced" section where all the command line stuff is and
> if the student wants to learn more he can do that there.
> I don't think we should force him to learn extra material which his
> curriculum does not require.
> As I see it, if the material is that important for the development of the
> student it should be added to the curriculum and learned in lectures just
> like all the other materials.
> Then all the students would have this extra knowledge and not just the tiny
> minority that actually agrees to hear and even try to use Linux.

The curriculum is such that they use Linux right from the start - that is,
they have to make their C and C++ programs run on our "mainframe" - and they
use a terminal windows to logon to that. Moreover, in their second semester
"Introduction to Systems Programming" they learn about makefiles, shell
programming and other "UNIX" stuff. We just do not do enough to make this
learning effective... But, this beginners' courses lie out of the scope of

Take a look at
see what I mean.
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