[Haifux] Linux + Hebrew?

Eran Arbel sabrerunner at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 16:07:07 MSK 2009

I'd like to agree with both. Hebrew is my native tongue and Israel is my
native land. A lot of people fought for both of them and I think it's
important to speak this language in this place. I'm also annoyed about the
personal e-mails to course mailing lists which are written in an almost
unintelligible combination of Engrish and Hebrish, but that is another

I also think that English is not stressed enough as an important thing here
in the Technion. Although Mathematics is the only completely universal
language, English is the language of commerce and the language of science
and those who presume to be scientists should know it top to bottom, back
and forth, up side down and during the witching hour. So students should
also be exposed to a lot of English, like during highly science laden
presentations or documents.

It actually saddens me every week a new that the people in my "SF in Cinema"
course complain that there are no subtitles and they even complain more if
the subtitles are in English.

Don't let people drive you crazy when you know it's within walking distance.
And no one ever said being a heretic was easy.
May we meet in Less Interesting Times...
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