[Haifux] W2L + Installation party?

Adir Abraham adirab at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 20:59:03 MSD 2008

On 9/17/08, Orr Dunkelman <orr.dunkelman at gmail.com> wrote:
> Adir wrote:
> > We want to:
> > 1) Show them that it's working with their computer
> live CD.

That will be a great way to help them installing that Live CD...

> 2) Give them a system that they can use later at home
> If they cannot install today's distro at their own, they won't be able
> to handle it later at home. We are past the times of delicate
> partitioning, OSS failures, and ppp configurations (and let's not
> forget the crappy driver support the 2.0.36 kernel had with comparison
> to (that era's) windows).

You can't even fix a Windows problem (you have to reboot, usually). That
doesn't mean that they are capable of installing it. Most of the "hard work"
is the installation process. With the experience they will gain, they will
be able to install it later once again and do other advanced things.

> What I meant is that we won't let them work on the partitions by
> themselves,
> > but we'll do it for them.
> This is the only thing that they actually need to do on their own
> today. The install software is even nice enough to ask you what you
> want to boot...

Yes, but we want to show them how easy it is on their own computer. I have
no doubt that it's an easy process. Most likely they won't do it by
themselves after the lectures. This is a good chance that somebody will show
them how easy it is both to install and to work with.

> "Playing" in the general term... Once you commit to install, you will use
> it
> > because it's in your computer. That's why actually people brought their
> > computers all the time...
> I know of dead installations that nobody touched since it was
> installed. And people brought their computer because they could not do
> it themselves. They can do it themselves today.

That's a different audience. Experiencing your disto installation once is
more than enough. Later he can try doing whatever he likes. Most of the
people who will arrive to install, don't have such an experience for sure.

> I agree that there were problems in organization. However, if we
> failed to prepare it in a good manner for four times, I find it very
> hard to believe it will succeed in the fifth. Especially as the number
> of volunteers has dropped (even finding lecturers for haifux is not as
> easy in the past), as Actcom (RIP in the heaven of the Ltd. companies)
> will not fund the event, and as the dorm farms can no longer be the
> source of supplies for installation stuff (and I suspect that Aryeh
> cannot help much as well). Oh. And the farms cannot offer accomodating
> the event, and Beit hastudent is under construction-work. So all in
> all, we are talking about more problems, and less resources.

I agree with you here. It will be even more difficult this time. No doubt.
The main problem is number of volunteers, but that's a totally different
discussion. That's why I'm not 100% sure that I want to get into that,
although I believe that it is highly important.

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