[Haifux] W2L + Installation party?

Adir Abraham adir at hamakor.org.il
Wed Sep 17 14:42:54 MSD 2008

Hi all,

I was thinking about organizing yet another Linux Installation Party,
sometime in November.
The idea is to combine it with the W2L series, so people will see that it is
not just good in "theory".

My reasons for the need of Instaparty are:

1) Hands-on experience. The best way to show what you talk in the lectures
is to let them experience it.
2) People will be able to practice installation on their own computer, with
the help of a veteran installer.
3) To show them that Linux is both easy to install and use. They will be
able to "play" with their distribution afterwards.

I was thinking about a friendly distrbution for beginners, probably Mandriva
2009 which is supposed to be released in October (currently in RC1 and
working perfectly) or Fedora 10, if it is released on time. They both work
great and most of all - clear from wifi problems and works great with KDE
4.1.1. I find those distributions very easy to install, including the
friendly partitioning and friendly use that both distributions have.

I would like to hear your opinion about it. I understood that there was
supposed to be some discussion about it on Monday, but I couldn't arrive.


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