[Haifux] W2L discussion

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Wed Sep 3 17:03:50 MSD 2008

Orr Dunkelman wrote:

> If this is of any interest, please raise your hands 
Doesn't look like there are too many hands to count. And I'm not so 
surprised. I see the decline in W2L activities (instaparties in 
particular) as a natural response to Linux becoming a mainstream issue. 
It's not a secret thing anymore, but rather something any serious CS 
student is "welcomed to" during his or her studies.

What we need, is to catch those who have tried Linux, liked it, and have 
no idea that there is some activity in the Technion. I've said this 
before, and I say it again: We need simple and recurrent advertising.

We need a constant slot on the Technion's billboards, electronic or 
non-electronic. Maybe we could put an invitation as a wallpaper of the 
Linux computers in the CS farm? In particular, the one which appears 
before logging in? My hunch is that all we need to do is to ask.

So, will anybody who studies in the Technion volunteer to spare some 
minutes to talk with whoever has the authority to advertise a message 
saying "Liked Linux? www.haifux.org" or something like that? Someone?

(And I didn't mention Haifa University, because that could be taken as a 
personal hint ;)


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