[Haifux] Monday's lecture - too long? + car question

Shachar Shemesh shachar at shemesh.biz
Sun May 11 00:43:59 MSD 2008

Hi all,

<strike>Attached is the lecture slides for Monday.</strike>
They were not that long, but 100 K is still over the list's limit. This 
message sent again without the actual slides.

Here's what I'm worried about.

It's too long

Far too long.

There are 60 slides, trying to cover about 8 subjects (not including the
compiler single threaded mindset mentioned by Hai). I guess I can simply
leave two subjects in the lectures, but skip them in the actual lecture,
in an attempt to make it squeeze. If that is the case, I'll definitely
leave out affinity, and probably algorithms and caches.

Alternatively, people can go over the slides and say that they think
that the subjects discussed are worthy of two meetings.

On a totally different matter - what is the procedure these days for
going to the lecture with a car? Do I need to register the car in
advance? If so, what is the latest I can still do so (I'm not sure which
is the car I'll be arriving with)?


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