[Haifux] invitation to work hands-on with Openmoko linux phone

Tom S tomsofer at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 15:36:05 MSK 2008

Hi all ,

I am working in the field of Open-source entrepreneurship , we just
started a club and a series of lectures. One of our projects is
working on applications for an open source cell-phone.

Michael Shilo from Openmoko inc. offered to contribute some phones and
dev kits of the new model out next month.

It's got GSM , GPRS , GPS (not agps) , WIFI , BT2 , accelerometers ,
multi-touch screen , etc. and of course ,it runs a flavor of linux.

the platform and OS are open , the drivers are open , the hardware
components are known , circuitry is closed , but the OS is portable to
other devices so that is not a problem.

if you have an Idea for an application or wan to participate in
ongoing projects [openmoko.org]  , please be in touch -
tomsofer at gmail.com

also check out our club wiki - http://technioneec.wiki.co.il/

more info on the phone - openmoko.com

you can also call me - 0504277774

Tom Sofer
technion EEC coordinator

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