[Haifux] Idea for lecture: connecting to HOT / 012 without a router

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 23:10:00 MSD 2008

I have several people interested in having Kubuntu installed on their
computers, however, I will not do it unless I know how to connect them
to the Internet first! I can bring my own cable modem, though I doubt
that there is HOT service in Taub. Or, I can invite the group to hold
a meeting at our home in Nesher, 5-10 minute walk (two minute drive)
from the Technion. Just let me know what beers everyone likes

Seriously, connecting to the Internet without a router in Israel is a
known hassle in Linux and the issue needs to be addressed. Our friends
at Nezeq and the other ISPs are not making it easy for us, as they
require use of Windows-only dialers and restrict access to the modem's
built-in http control panels.

Dotan Cohen


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